Work Experience

UX / UI Design

Programming of digital products

Business development

Communication and social media

Financial planning

Internal organisation

Strategic orientation

Début Début GmbH


Concept and design

UI, UX and front-end development of progressive web apps

Digital media and social media consultancy for SMEs

Self Employed

2018 – 2020

Negotiating loan/lease documents with external lawyers and coordinating activities to close transactions

Client advisory and consultation regarding aircraft transaction related matters and general project management

Coordinating and negotiating changes and amendments to the legal documentation of existing aircraft and yacht financing

Managing and coordinating aircraft and yacht loan/lease financing

Completion of client identification process according to international banking regulation for different jurisdictions

Conducting credit and financial statement analysis of UHNWI clients

Junior Transaction Manager

Aviation and Yacht Finance

Credit Suisse AG

2013 – 2018



Visual Communication and Iconic Research

Academy of Art and Design FHNW ( HGK ), Basel

2018– 2020

Entrepreneurship Program


Universidad EAFIT

Medellín, Colombia


Innovation and Project Management

Functionalistic and

Minimalistic Design

Högskolan i Halmstad

Halmstad, Sweden



International Entrepreneurship and Digital Media

International Management

University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FHNW

2014 – 2018

Extracurricular Activities

Collective consisting of

Coders, Designers and Artists

2019 – Today






Vue & Nuxt


Adobe Creative Suite

Sketch, Figma

Cinema 4D

Project Management Tools

Microsoft Office

VS Code



German ( native )

English ( proficient )

Spanish ( fluent )

French ( B2 )

Portuguese ( basics )

Swedish ( basics )


Alain, based in Basel, has gathered experience in various industries over the past nine years and decided to set a focus on design combining traditional, digital media as well as programming within an entrepreneurial, innovative domain. He graduated from FHNW, with a BSc in International Management focusing on International Entrepreneurship and Digital Media. He sees vast possibilities in typography, web animations and interactions as well as data-driven experiments to tackle today's digital problems. Generally, he is passionate about design, photography, web development and creative coding. Alain is keen on finding progressive, contemporary as well as innovative solutions. He decided to pursue a MA in Visual Communication and Iconic Research to complement and deepen his repertoire of skills while also working independently on several projects on the side.

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